Mumbai, Maharashtra: Social media enormous Twitter on Monday said it tries to comply with the laws in force in India. “We are rigidly directed by the principles of transparency, a commitment to empower every voice on service, and to protect freedom of expression and privacy under Indian law,” a company spokesperson said.

The statement came hours after the Delhi High Court heard a petition alleging that Twitter was not complying with India’s new rules for digital media intermediaries, which said the microblogging platform has to comply with the new rules which must follow if they are not stopped. The court issued notices to the Center and Twitter to ask their stand on the petition.

Lawyer Amit Acharya claimed in his petition in the Delhi High Court that Twitter had not nominated a resident compliance officer, as expected under the new IT regulations in India.

Acharya said he came to know about the alleged Non-compliance when he tried to file a grievance against some of the tweets.

During the hearing, Central Government Standing Counsel Ripudaman Singh Bhardwaj told the court that Twitter has not followed the rules.

The petition sought to direct Twitter to appoint a resident complaints officer without delay. It has also sought a direction to the Center to ensure that IT rules are followed.

Twitter recently said it was committed to India as an important market, but criticized the new IT rules, saying they “prevent free and public conversation”.

Under the new digital rules, social media companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter have been asked to identify within 36 hours the originator of a flagged message and conduct Additional due diligence including the appointment of a Chief adherence Officer, Nodal Liaison Person and Resident Grievance Officer.

The IT rules also require social media platforms to capable the identification of the first originator of any piece of information on their portals which the government deems could jeopardise the sovereignty, integrity or national security of India, or contains sexually explicit content.

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