Hyderabad, 16th February 2022: FreeHit Fantasy, which is amongst India’s fastest growing fantasy apps launches India’s first political fantasy game. Politics contests are available in the application which includes a freemium model as well. The fantasy market in India is growing at a rapid pace, but is primarily limited to cricket. Politics would be the next big thing in fantasy market considering the followers and market potential it has in India. After fantasy politics, Freehit Fantasy is planning on introducing other novel sports in the next quarter.

It is to be noted that freehit is the first and only fantasy app to have a racing game in India.

About Freehit Fantasy:

FreeHit Fantasy is an intuitive fantasy gaming application that is available on iOS & Android & Web. The promoters of the company are confident that the company will close FY21-22 with ₹50Mn in revenue and 2Mn users.


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